Image gallery

Image gallery

Here you will find a selection of images from lake Vänern for public use.

Foto: Mikael Svensson.
Lake Vänern Archipelago

Part of lake Vänern archipelago from above. Photo: Mikael Svensson.

Foto: Mikael Svensson.
Sailing boat

Sailing boat on a sunny day. Photo: Mikael Svensson.


Rocky surfaces by the sunset. Photo: Mikael Svensson.

Clean water

Man camping and collecting fresh water from Vänern. Photo: Mikael Svensson.


Stormy Vänern by the sunset. Photo: Martin Sandmark.


Terns on the rocks. Photo: Fredrik Wilde.


Bicyle with a view of lake Vänern. Photo: Henrik Lindholm.

Foto: Linnea Gustavsson.

Kayaks by the shore. Photo: Linnea Gustavsson.


The ship Eken in Lake Vänern. Photo: Thunbolagen.

Foto: Linnea Gustavsson.
Guest harbor

Boats in a small marina. Photo: Linnea Gustavsson.