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Lake Vänern Cooperation

We create opportunities for Sweden’s largest lake!


Lake Vänern Local Authorities Cooperation (Vänersamarbetet, in Swedish) is an economic association that comprises all 13 municipalities around Lake Vänern as its members and receives funding from Region Värmland and Region Västra Götaland. Vänersamarbetet is working to achieve sustainable maritime development of Vänern in the fields of coordination, business and communication. The association also runs the development of the Lake Vänern Grand Tour concept with the aim of develop Vänern as a sustainable tourism destination.

The assocation was founded in 2015 to strengthen the collaboration among the municipalities around Lake Vänern. A total of 300,000 people live in the municipalities surrounding Vänern, which is the third largest lake in Europe and the EU’s largest lake. The collaboration between the lakeside municipalities has a long history, and several projects preceded the formation of this association. The challenge is to build a durable organisation that can own a comprehensive picture of Vänern, coordinate activities and build the joint Vänern brand more effectively.

Purpose and goals
The aim of Lake Vänern Cooperation is to contribute to sustainable development in the municipalities around Vänern by being a coordinator of Vänern issues. The work has a clear focus on strengthening the maritime profile and utilising the water and the proximity to it as a resource. The work is permeated by informative and inspiring communication with highlighted target groups.

The association’s goal is to coordinate the efforts of its members and partners in order to contribute to a sustainable development, attractive environments and other issues that are very significant to the creation of a good living environment and trade and industry for inhabitants, service users and visitors.

The operations of Lake Vänern Cooperation are divided into three parts: 1) Efficiency improvements and coordination, 2) Maritime development and 3) Communication.

1. Efficiency improvements and coordination
The association is strengthening its position as an obvious arena and coordinator of strategic Vänern issues. A permanent organisation for Vänern issues is being established with a clear strategy/development plan, which is being drawn up with affected actors.

2. Maritime development
The association is to coordinate and initiate measures that contribute to and improve the conditions for sustainable development in shipping, the tourism & hospitality industry, fishing and outdoor recreation.

3. Communication
The association is to coordinate communication about Vänern to highlighted target groups with the aim of increasing awareness and strengthening the Vänern brand as well as providing and developing tools for use by all those affected.

Laila Gibson, Manager of Lake Vänern Local Authorities Cooperation
Tel: +46 (0)76-78 72 798
Email: laila.gibson(at)

Simon Jonsson, Process Manager, Lake Vänern Grand Tour
Tel: +46 (0)70-360 00 98
Email: simon.jonsson(at)