Shipping has played a significant part in trade and industry around Vänern for several hundred years, and the flows of freight are ever increasing. From Sweden’s largest lake and onwards to the river Göta Älv, we have worldwide reach.


On Lake Vänern, nearly 700 cargo vessels transport about two million tonnes of goods each year. Most of the goods come from or are ultimately delivered to a port abroad; Vänern therefore has a key role in exports and imports for the whole of Sweden. The majority of the industrial ports in Vänern belong to the company Vänerhamn AB. Visit Vänerhamn’s website for more information.

It is obvious that shipping is important for the transportation of goods, but we shouldn’t forget its importance to the people who live and work here. Around the entire lake there are companies and farmers who are dependent on effective traffic on the water and who harness its advantages.

Representatives of, among others, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency and partners in municipalities, regions and shipping companies work with shared goals and priorities for Vänern’s shipping. This is a key step in the continued work to increase the proportion of goods transported by water nationwide by relieving some of the pressure on the railways and reducing the proportion of road haulage.

Here are the contact details for us who work on coordinating the development of Vänern’s shipping. You are welcome to phone or email us, and we can direct you to additional contacts if required!

Björn Garberg, National Coordinator for Domestic and Short Sea Shipping, the Swedish Transport Administration
Tel: +46 (0)10-123 09 93
Email: bjorn.garberg(at)

Laila Gibson, Manager of Lake Vänern Local Authorities Cooperation
Tel: +46 (0)76-78 72 798
Email: laila.gibson(at)