Water conservation & environment

In Vänern there are unique natural environments both below and above the surface. The people who live and work here therefore have a responsibility to manage and use these environments with care.

When Vänern was formed about 10,000 years ago, after the most recent ice age, central Sweden was covered in water from coast to coast. The isostatic uplift (land rising) meant that Sweden’s largest lake remained as an ‘inland sea’. This explains the sea-like environments in and around Vänern, with fauna and flora otherwise found in coastal and sea habitats. Conservation of the unique aspects and this exciting environment is important for the entire Vänern region.

Lake Vänern Water Conservation Association, has the main responsibility for monitoring Vänern’s water conservation and environment and includes representatives from municipalities and the business community. The water conservation association conveys information about Vänern’s environmental conditions and topical environmental issues, conducts surveys, compiles and evaluates results from environmental monitoring, draws up environmental objectives and proposes measures where required.

Key environmental issues in Vänern:

  • Environmentally adapted regulation of Vänern’s water levels
  • Maintenance of Vänern’s shores and skerries
  • Eutrophic bays and watercourses
  • Environmental toxins
  • Preserve untouched nature and outdoor recreation areas for the future

The measures are specially prioritised in the water conservation plan for Vänern and are required to achieve the national environmental objectives for lake Vänern.

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