Foto: Linnea Gustavsson.

Short walk near Lake Vänern

Do you like archipelago life with large rocks and picturesque natural surroundings? Or do you want to take a short walk along Vänern’s shores? Here we’ve compiled 10 tips for day trips. Experience beautiful nature reserves and interesting sights or stroll among rocks with a view of Vänern.


Segerstad skärgård

Segerstad archipelago is part of the Vänern archipelago with over 30 islands that are protected nature reserves. The islands are entirely free of buildings and have therefore preserved their beautiful natural habitats with clean and varied beaches. In addition to nature, there are sights such as Segerstad’s church, which was consecrated in 1747. Read more here.

Yttre Bodane

Explore the wealth of islands and forest in the archipelago that is Yttre Bodane’s nature reserve situated by Lake Vänern with 11 interesting Bronze Age remains. You’ll find several short walking trails and a birdwatching tower with the possibility of seeing a white-tailed eagle or an osprey. A great spot for a picnic in a typical north-west archipelago setting with Scots pine forest and high, steep rocky shores. Read more here.



Here you can visit the remains of Dalaborg fort that was built in 1304 by the Dukes Erik and Valdemar Birgersson who were sons of King Magnus Ladulås. In addition to fascinating history close to Lake Vänern, the area also offers lush natural scenery for enjoyable walks. Read more here.


Hammarö sydspets

The southern point of Hammarö Island, Hammarö Sydspets, is part of the Vänern coastline with a wonderful view of Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern. Here, you can enjoy swimming from the large rocks on the shore, go for a waterside walk and discover the historical lighthouse Skage Fyr dating from 1872. Everything for a perfect day trip by the water. Read more here.


Hindens rev

Enjoy a day trip to the Hindens Rev nature reserve that was once created by the ice sheet and today enables you to walk 4 km straight out onto Vänern on a narrow terminal moraine. A historic site that also offers natural scenery to admire. On Hindens Rev you can stroll in a tranquil environment among beautiful and rare nature on a 4 km trail. It is also where you’ll find Svalnäsbadet, known as Vänern’s Riviera. Read more here.


The Kycklingleden trail

The Kycklingleden trail in Liljedal south of Grums is one of Värmland’s quality-assured walking trails surrounded by a fantastic landscape and a wealth of birdlife to watch. The trail is 5.7 km, starts at the swimming area Buda Badplats and leads you through the amazing “dead forest”. Along the trail there are places for fishing and taking a dip in the water from picturesque rocks. Read more here.


Halleberg and Hunneberg plateaus

The two unique twin plateaus of Halleberg and Hunneberg stand at the southern tip of Vänern. The area is a popular tourist destination with a long and exciting history surrounding the plateau hills that emerged from the sea. The walking trails on Hunneberg range from 2.5 km to 10 km, and there is also a nature trail adapted for visitors with disabilities. Read more here.


Gullspångsälven’s nature reserve

By Åråsviken Bay you’ll find Gullspångsälven’s nature reserve with its traces of cultural heritage. There is a 4.5 km walking trail with historic remains along the riverside and rich flora and fauna. Read more here.


Sibberön’s nature reserve

Go walking in a beautiful nature reserve in the heart of Kristinehamn’s archipelago. Travel by boat to Vålön Island and walk 4 km to Sibberön, which offers both sandy and rocky beaches where you can go swimming and fantastic natural habitats where you might see various species of animals and birds. If you want to stop for coffee and a snack, there are rest areas, prepared barbecue sites and pleasant jetties. Read more here.


Visnums-Kils trails

These fine trails are located right beside Lake Vänern. Arskagsleden is a quality-assured Värmland trail, while Prästöleden and Nötöleden are largely of the same standard but are not quality-assured. The trails are nearly 5.5 km in length, and no matter which one you choose, you will encounter tranquil, beautiful nature, grazing animals, white-tailed eagles, unusual woodpeckers and more. You can find a map of the Visnums-Kils trails here.