About Lake Vänern

Here, you are on historic ground. Lake Vänern has been shaped and changed and above all has filled the world with life for more than 10,000 years. With its area and strategic location, the lake has been a hub for transport, while its wild nature and fantastic local inhabitants welcome everyone with open arms.


In the heart of the Nordic countries, between the Swedish and Norwegian capitals, you will find Sweden’s largest lake. A place bubbling with community and collaboration. A place where the water is so clean that you can drink it directly from the lake. A place where memories are made.

A total of 13 municipalities and 3 provinces surround this inland sea. With a water area of 5,650 square kilometres and a coastline of 4,800 kilometres, Vänern is Sweden’s largest lake and offers Europe’s largest freshwater archipelago with more than 22,000 islands, rocks and skerries for you to discover. Vänern is a paradise for swimming, with large sandy beaches and shallow bays. With 38 species of fish living in its waters, Vänern is also Sweden’s most significant lake for both professional and recreational fishers.

The experiences for visitors, the sea-like environment and vast area are, however, not the only things that characterise Sweden’s largest lake. People live around Vänern who are passionate about the water, nature and about developing Vänern as a destination – for both tourism and businesses. You can read about some of them at this website.

Its strategic location, in the heart of the Nordic countries, makes Vänern a natural hub, and around the lake there is a broad transport network including trains, buses and planes. It is therefore easy to get here and from here to travel elsewhere in Sweden and worldwide. But no matter how, when and what part of the Vänern region you visit, we promise that it will be an unforgettable experience. For local residents, company owners, first-time visitors and for everyone else.


Översiktskarta Vänern