Historic sites near Lake Vänern

We have compiled 11 historic destinations that history lovers will not want to miss. Choose from a range of sights such as Sweden’s most beautiful castle, Bronze Age rock carvings, manors and castles rich in heritage or ruins from the Middle Ages along the shores of Europe’s third-largest lake.


Falkängens Hantverksby

Falkängen Hantverksby is a little handicrafts village in a bygone industrial community with picturesque natural scenery. Along Falkängen’s historic main street you’ll find 12 charming small shops full of arts and crafts. Read more here


Läckö Slott

Experience a unique heritage site by Lake Vänern in Lidköping, the castle Läckö Slott. Here you can enjoy wonderful views of a majestic castle and magnificent garden with exciting history. Läckö has been crowned Sweden’s most beautiful castle. With its charming, grand architecture and impressive uniquely designed garden, Läckö Castle is well worth visiting. Read more here



Dalaborg is a historic site in Mellerud where you can see the ruins of a large medieval fort. In addition to the fantastic history of this location jutting out over Vänern from the mainland, the area also offers lush natural scenery for walks. Read more here


Encounter rich cultural heritage at the former mill Kungskvarnen in Borgvik. Many traces of history dot the verdant landscape by the rippling waters of Lake Borgvikssjön. In Borgvik you’ll also find the Sliperiet art gallery that annually exhibits paintings and various sculptures by known and unknown artists. Read more here


Gustafsvik Herrgårdspark

Kristinehamn is home to the pretty manor park Gustafsvik Herrgårdspark with a wealth of history from the 1700s. You can take a stroll in a fantastic botanical environment or sit down for a picnic among flowers and greenery. Read more here


Hammarö skärgårdsmuseum

The archipelago museum Hammarö Skärgårdsmuseum is situated by the rocky coastline of Hammarö Island. It contains a unique collection of exhibits from bygone days of fishing in Lake Vänern obtained from Arne Ericsson’s boathouse. Read more here


Vänermuseet in Lidköping

The Lake Vänern Museum Vänermuseet conserves the cultural heritage of the town and surrounding area for the future. Here you can learn how seafarers and fishers lived through the centuries on and by Lake Vänern. Read more here


Boyer in Kristinehamn

Boyer in Kristinehamn
Visit the boyer (bojort) in Kristinehamn’s harbour that is a reminder of the 1660s–1800s when Kristinehamn was Vänern’s most significant port. In summer you can also board the boyer for a cruise on beautiful Lake Vänern. Read more here


Historic town centres

Visit the old town centres steeped in heritage in Mariestad, Lidköping or Åmål.

  • The old town in Åmål has maintained its historical townscape with buildings from the 1700s and 1800s. It is also home to the old church which originates from the early 1600s and is one of Åmål’s most beautiful buildings to visit. Read more here
  • In Mariestad you will find one of Sweden’s best preserved town centres with its grand cathedral and town buildings from the 1700s and 1800s. Read more here
  • Experience Lidköping’s industrial history, the residence where Count M G De la Gardie lived in 1674, or the old water tower designed by the architect Ernst Torulf in 1902. Read more here