Kayaking in Lake Vänern’s archipelagos

Experience Vänern’s beautiful archipelagos in a kayak, either on your own, with company or with a guide who can show you around among islands and historical remains. Choose from our six tips that take you to places you will not want to miss.


Shipwreck safari by Kållandsö Island

Make your way round Kållandsö Island on an exciting kayaking tour. Learn about local maritime history and discover captivating shipwrecks in the middle of Vänern. Join a guided tour and listen to accounts of historical life on the lake. Read more here


Åmål and Yttre Bodane archipelago

Experience Yttre Bodane’s nature reserve from the water and explore the archipelago landscape rich in islands and forest with 11 interesting Bronze Age remains. Go ashore on the island and follow one of the walking trails or visit the lookout tower. Download a map or read more here


Northern Vänern archipelago

In a kayak from the Inre Hamn inner harbour in the heart of Karlstad, you can make your way into Vänern’s archipelago. You can stop by one of the secluded islands and take a dip in the water from the rocks. Read more here


Kristinehamn’s archipelago

Kayaking between the islands of Vålön, Kalvön and Sibberön, you can see both long sandy beaches and large rocky areas. There are several lovely places on the islands where you can stop to rest and enjoy their beautiful scenery, and they are ideal if you want to stay overnight in the great outdoors. Read more here



Discover untouched nature among rocks and skerries in the archipelago outside of Mariestad. There are great opportunities for excursions if you want to go kayaking in a tranquil setting. Read more here


Lurö Island

Start your kayaking trip at Ekenäs at the furthest tip of Värmlandsnäs. From there you can choose between two kayaking routes to Lurö Island. One passes Vithall, where the local heritage museum hembygdsmuseet is well worth a visit. The other route passes the cosy island of Aspholmen, where you can take the opportunity to buy groceries in the little shop. Here you can download the outdoor recreation and kayaking map for Lurö Island. Read more about Lurö here.